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LUUME create luxury fire tables. 






Fire Tables

Type of Work


Logo + Name







Jaiden, the founder of LUUME, previously known as (Phoenix Samuel) met us with the intention to rebrand his business as it was at the stage where it needed a face lift.

The product Jaiden has created is  the best on the best on the market, and it now needed a brand and website which would mirror that.

This is where we knew we had to crate something truly beautiful, and out of the box.  A brand which reflects the ingenuity of the tables Jaiden has created and a website which will take the client on a journey of discovery through each element.

We started by researching names.  Phoenix Samuel sounded like a law firm and this was the first element we knew we had to handle.  After much in depth research, and thought provoking discussions we landed with the word LUUME, which is coined from LUME, which originates from LUMA in Latin meaning Light. 

We then worked tireleselly to create

The LUMME website was a great challenge for us, because we had to showcase all the elements of each table, whilst being dynamic and engaging.  The end result is a an aesthetic masterpiece which is ingenious, practical and easy to navigate.

When it came to creating the brand Identity, we wanted to make something which would stand out for LUUME but would also be simplistic.

The stationary created by our team was a perfect extension to the LUUME website.

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